Full list: Xanadu Presentations (11-12/2013) A series of presentations about linux, tor and privacy, open electronics like arduino and other. All took place in an open social space called Xanadu. Google Developers Festival – Thessaloniki (7-10/11/2013)¬†Google Dev Fest was another nice experience. Having the opportunity to see Google Glasses and get informed about the latest […]

Just finished a course on Code School about Chrome DevTools. I used them in the past a few times but I didn’t know their features and what can really do. I must admit I am excited! Great debugging power, memory profiling / monitoring to avoid memory leaks that trouble many websites, new ways to improve […]

After being around in Web Development the last 8 years (not constanly) and working on many projects, I saw a really important problem which I had to solve. This problem is: How a Web Developer can present his back-end work on a website/web application? For those who are not familiar with the term, back-end is […]